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25 October 2008 @ 10:04 am

Thursday night i messaged maggie on myspace to let her know that her suddenly befriending jordan makes me feel weird.  i don't like it.
i told her that i feel like if the situation were switched around that she would have something to say to me about it.  told her that i didn't expect her of all people to do something like this to me.

and even though she read it, she never responded.

which says a lot, because if she really cared, it wouldn't be so hard to say "i'm sorry, i didn't know it would bother you so much.  ok i'll stop talking to him." 

but no.

which means this very well may be the end of our friendship,  because i really don't want to be friends with someone who thinks it's ok to mess around with a guy i like, messed around with, whatever.

one of the great things about my friendship with maggie was that we didn't mix guys.

but i guess that's in the past.

Last night i was running late to get to my dad's girlfriend's birthday dinner.  i didn't have much money so i stopped to get her a card.  it was a  "from both of us" card, meaning from me and lila, and it joked about how we didn't have much to offer [besides the card].  she didn't like it. at all.   she looked mad.    wtf?  have a sense of humor.  jeez.
i thought about trying to buy her some flowers but i just don't have the money for it.

then to make matters worse lila began acting up halfway through.  so she looked really irritated about that.

it sucked.

i came home, put lila to bed, changed into some more casual clothes, and then went to meet up with my friend austen at boondocks. 

i haven't seen him in about 4 months.  he was definitely out of his element there,  but he's kind of out of his element just being in houston.  he grew up in angleton [wherever the hell that is]  then enlisted in the army and went to iraq twice.  then came back to angleton for  a few months then moved to houston, thanks to his GI Bill money.

so i was asking him how he feels when he comes to a place like that, seeing all these people who have obviously never served in the military and who probably can't even really begin to comprehend it... i mean, i can't!    he said you can always tell when someone's served in the army. they have a demeanor about them.    so then we talked about that.
then about the war, and how pointless it was... even he thinks its pointless.  he said that they were told they were there to find weapons of mass destruction but never did, and that all they did was "kill brown people".    He said that al quaeda was NOT in iraq until after the fall of saddam hussein!!!  he said hussein HATED al quaeda...

interesting stuff.